How to Navigate – 2nd edition upgrade

The art of traditional map and compass navigation in an Australian context

Designed specifically for anyone who grabbed a copy of the 1st edition of How to Navigate, this PDF download provides all the new pages, plus added illustrations and other changes that were made for the 2nd edition.

There are over 40 pages included in this upgrade, (A-maze-ing), which not only includes the 16 new pages of information (2nd edition is now 103 pages long), but other updates to information such as the changes to Australia’s Datum, new custom illustrations and topographic map examples from every state in Australia.

2nd edition includes:

  • Revised Table of Contents (so you can see where the new pages can slot into your 1st edition hard copy)
  • Where to get maps (as more government mapping authorities are switching to digital downloads)
  • Tips (and gotchas) for printing digital maps at home (or commercially)
  • Topographic map examples from all Australian states
  • Info on Australia’s new datum – GDA 2020
  • Links to further resources (eg. download a map romer to print)
  • New tips!
  • What 3 Words
  • Addition to Naismith’s Rule
  • New photos and custom illustrations (including contours, landforms, compass, Red Ned, orienting a map, Aiming off, Handrails) 
  • Tear out Memory Joggers (taking bearings, estimating time, TREK and prep checklist)… OK, so you’ll just print them out and stick them in your map case!

Special note:

This is not the full text of the 2nd edition. If you want to get your hands on that, please jump over here and grab the print version. The books aren’t available as full PDF downloads – I’m just offering this as an optional extra for 1st edition-ers.



COVER - How to navigate 2nd Ed UPGRADE copy 2